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* case study under contruction * tuutkia is a leads exchange. Currently their new website is being developed, as well as designs for different sized devices. Branding is being refined and designs are becoming integrated.

  • tuutkia
  • leads exchange
  • Feb 2019

The Problem

What problem am I solving?

How to sell leads in a market place for the average person, a way to make money by leveraging your social network.


tuutkia has an initial design developed, but needs new fresher branding and integration of screens for easier navigation. They will also need responsive design implemented once the first round of UI/UX is created.

Original tuutkia Screens
original screen 1
original screen 2

The original application feels overwhelming. How can I make the colors more soothing? My client wants me to appeal to young people trying to make money on the side, but also to people who have many connections. How can we create the framework in a way that is accessible to people who might not normally understand the leads process?