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* case study under contruction * Siphercatta believes your information is your own. Siphercatta is an app under development. We hope to create an encryption messaging app. A simple MVP with strong features that set it apart from similar applications.

  • Siphercatta
  • encryption text messaging
  • August 2019

The Problem

What problem am I solving?

Encyption applications on the market are simple but lack certain features that would help improve anonymity. How can we keep it simple, an effective form of communication, that carries all the same features users are accustomed to, while directly being more secure.

The Process

research - branding & design - testing & product design iterations

Jumping on the Siphercatta team, I saw that they had an app made, but the visual design was very simple. Having talked through the audience and goal of Siphercatta we agreed an encryption messaging application similar to Signal would be a good place to start. My direct client is a programmer and would be coding the application.

Original App Screens

The original application had a long intro section, I felt it was a little overwhelming to start off with. There are a lot of steps to encrypt and decrypt a message. I worried that the app might go over a lot of people's heads. I was lucky that the client was a strong programmer and very open to talking about how to make siphercatta more user friendly for the less tech-savy individual.

The initial wireframes handed to me. I see what the client has in mind, I think the icons don't immediately make sense to me. At this stage I felt like it was good that I was new to their application concept, things that I don't understand are things others users won't understand either.

first wireframes

I moved the branding and logo up a bit in my usual design process in case we needed to share aspects of SipherCatta, I wanted to present a clean and interesting design. I also wasn't sure how quickly I needed to wrap up the first designs, the timeline was a bit up in the air and certain steps may have needed to get skipped. I just wanted to get a few splash screens together and a logo. I made a mood board based off the styles my client had mentioned. He picked his favorites, the ones on the bottom half especially the bottom left corner. This helped me envision the direction of our application.

Mood Board
Mood Board

Made using Adobe Illustrator

Grayscale Logos | App Icons
Logo Grayscale
Color Logos | App Icons
Logo Color
Final Logo | App Icon
App Icon
Splash Screens

Made using Figma + Adobe Illustrator