BCC redesign

Redesign of Berkeley City College website in Sketch
[sketch, UX/UI]

Flakey Bakery

Logo, copy, website done for Flakey Bakery
[graphic design, illustrator, logo design, web design, branding, web graphics, logo design]

Concensus app concept

Several screen concepts and an InVision interactive prototype
[sketch, UX/UI, invision]

Web Banners and Advertisements

Graphics for web
[illustrator, photoshop, web graphics, branding, ads]

Waxing product labels

Logos and labels created for waxing brand
[illustrator, print graphics, labels, branding]


My favorite products made with my art
[clothing design, surface design, marketing]

Photo edits

Made in Photoshop, free for commercial use photos

Illustrated coloring book

A book I did all the artwork and page layouts for, available on Amazon
[indesign, illustrator, photoshop, illustration, print graphics, marketing, book design]

Graphics for dog care business

Flyers and Graphics for a dog walking/grooming business [illustrator, print graphics, web graphics, labels, branding]


Graphics made for various projects
[illustrator, photoshop, illustration]


Branding images, logos, and concepts
[illustrator, photoshop, product mockups, surface design, branding, print design, logo design]

Location Tags

[illustrator, photoshop, product mockups, logos, labels, surface design]

Clothing Design

Sometimes called CADs, used for making samples
[illustrator, photoshop, CADs, fashion design, logos, labels, surface design]

Miller Girl

[illustrator, photoshop, branding, surface design]


[illustrator, photoshop, infographics]


[illustrator, photoshop, product mockups, surface design]


Traditional and digital art
[illustration, photoshop, acrylics, watercolor, spray paint, pens]

"Pieces" - video game document

A video game concept
[illustrator, photoshop, UX/UI, game design]

Cat & Octo, Weather Pets

App concept in progress
[Illustration, UX/UI, Invision, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch]